How to Recover Data  Your External Hard Drive?


When an external hard drive fails, it can be devastating. Whether you’ve lost important work documents, irreplaceable family photos, or treasured music, the loss of data can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, there are options for external hard drive data recovery. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of how to recover data from your external hard drive.

Common Causes of Data Loss in External Hard Drives

External hard drives are a great way to store important data and keep it easily accessible, but unfortunately, they are not immune to data loss. Understanding the common causes of data loss in external hard drives is the first step in preventing it and preparing for data recovery.

One of the main causes of data loss in external hard drives is physical damage. Dropping or mishandling an external hard drive can cause it to malfunction or fail completely, leading to lost data. Similarly, exposure to extreme temperatures or water can also damage an external hard drive and cause data loss.

Steps to Take Before Attempting Data Recovery

External hard drive

If you’ve experienced data loss on your external hard drive, you’re probably feeling a bit panicked. Before attempting any external hard drive data recovery methods, it’s important to take a few steps to prepare.

  1. Stop Using the External Hard Drive: When data is lost on an external hard drive, it’s often due to physical damage or logical issues with the drive. Continued use of the drive can make these issues worse, so it’s important to stop using the drive immediately.
  1. Assess the Situation: Determine what data has been lost and the potential cause of the data loss. This can help you decide if DIY data recovery methods are a viable option or if professional data recovery services are necessary.
  1. Check for Backups: If you’ve been regularly backing up your data, you may be able to restore the lost data from your backup. Check for backups on an external hard drive or cloud-based storage service.

DIY Data Recovery Methods for External Hard Drives

When it comes to external hard drive data recovery, there are a few DIY methods you can try before calling in the professionals. Some common and effective techniques:

  • Use Data Recovery Software

Data recovery software is a popular choice for recovering lost data on external hard drives. These programs scan the drive and attempt to recover lost files, even if they have been deleted or corrupted. There are many different data recovery programs available, with some being free and others requiring a paid subscription. Some of the most popular options include EaseUS Data Recovery, Recuva, and Stellar Data Recovery.

  • Check Your Trash or Recycle Bin

If you accidentally deleted files from your external hard drive, check your computer’s trash or recycle bin first. It’s possible that the files were moved there and can be easily restored.

  • Check for Hidden Files

Sometimes files on external hard drives become hidden due to a virus or system error. In these cases, you can try to unhide the files using the Command Prompt. Simply open Command Prompt, type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d x:\*.*” (without quotes), and replace “x” with the letter of your external hard drive.

When to Call in Professional Data Recovery Services

While it may be tempting to attempt to recover data from your external hard drive on your own, there are certain situations where it’s best to call in professional data recovery services. Here are some situations where you should consider seeking help from a professional:

  1. Physical Damage:External Hard drive

If your external hard drive has suffered physical damage, such as a broken USB port or a damaged circuit board, attempting to recover data on your own may cause further damage and data loss. A professional data recovery service has the necessary tools and expertise to recover data from physically damaged drives.

  1. Virus Infection:

If your external hard drive has been infected with a virus, attempting to recover data on your own may spread the virus to your computer. A professional data recovery service can safely recover data from virus-infected drives and remove the virus.

Tips for Preventing Data Loss

After experiencing the headache of external hard drive data loss, you don’t want to go through that ordeal again. That’s why it’s essential to adopt the following tips to prevent future data loss.

external hard driveBackup Your Data Regularly:

You never know when disaster will strike, so make sure to back up your data frequently. You can use cloud storage, external hard drives, or a backup software tool.

Protect Your Device:

Keep your external hard drive in a safe place, away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Handle the device gently and avoid dropping or mishandling it.


External hard drive data recovery can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. By taking the necessary precautions and following the right steps, you can potentially retrieve your lost data from your external hard drive. However, it’s essential to remember that data recovery can be a complicated process that may require professional assistance in some cases. If you’re not confident in your ability to recover data from your external hard drive, don’t hesitate to reach out to experienced data recovery services.



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